Interlink is a charity and is the County Voluntary Council for Rhondda Cynon Taf (RCT), an ‘umbrella’ or ‘hub’ organisation for community and voluntary groups.  We believe we can tackle poverty and improve wellbeing by working together and building on the strengths of individuals, communities and organisations.

We are involved in Stronger Rhondda because Rhondda is an amazing place and Stronger Rhondda can help bring together all the incredible people and communities to share ideas, support each other and work together to turn ideas into action.   

Interlink aims to contribute to Stronger Rhondda by:

  • Bringing people together through workshops and events
  • Helping turn ideas into action
  • Securing funding for community and voluntary organisations
  • Developing volunteering opportunities for young people

 We look forward to working together to build a Stronger Rhondda network that is driven by local people and people want to be part of because it is active, creative and makes a difference to communities in the Rhondda

Contact: Simon James, 01443 846200,