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Working together to develop opportunities for all in the Rhondda

What is Stronger Rhondda Gryfach

Welcome to Stronger Rhondda Gryfach’s website! We are a third or voluntary sector-led network of organisations, groups and individuals in Rhondda celebrating excellence and challenging indifference. We welcome positive, creative and critical dialogue. If you can agree to the following and live or work in Rhondda, please join us!

  • To work together to build upon our strengths and attract investment
  • To share tools, resources and contacts allowing each other the freedom to dream, freedom to act
  • To be flexible, challenging and innovative
  • To listen to people, communities and each other in order to develop better understanding and inform our actions
  • Celebrate success with people and communities in the Rhondda

We will work…

  • With honesty and integrity
  • By listening to each other and the community
  • With asset based community development and coproduction approaches to projects
  • In a spirit of open collaboration and cooperation
  • To challenge each other to change for the better

Check out Play It Again Sport’s new shop in Too Good To Waste, Ynyshir! Two Stronger Rhondda partners collaborating.